Events & Brand Activations

Bring your brand activation dreams to life with Energy Floors-a game-changer in creating memorable and engaging experiences.

Our innovative products seamlessly blend sustainability, technology, and fun, offering a unique platform to captivate your target audience.
Imagine a dynamic dance floor that not only generates energy but also reinforces your brand identity with customizable LED displays, creating an immersive and unforgettable brand activation.

As a versatile solution, Energy Floors goes beyond traditional approaches, providing you with the perfect tool to elevate your events, generate leads, and establish meaningful connections with your audience.

Science Festival New York - Energy Floors

Our Products

Kinetic Dancefloor
Kinetic Walkway
Photo Booth

Live Examples

Corona Discoteca

KPN Festival

Heineken Corporate Event


Sustainability & Experiential Marketing: Effective Brand Activations

The entertainment sector is constantly adapting to stay up to date with new trends and technology. What is cool, what is not or what is going to go viral and is trending? Creative industries, marketers, brands and artists all want to capitalise on the next big thing, or for they themselves become it. It is a big undertaking, even with the assistance of a fully equipped marketing team.


Solve your lead generation and brand activation challenges by choosing Energy Floors-a dynamic choice that turns every step, dance, or interaction into a powerful engagement opportunity. Let us be the catalyst for transforming your brand activation strategies into immersive, unforgettable experiences that resonate with your target audience and leave a lasting impression.

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