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Corona x Energy Floors Discoteca


The Corona Discoteca, a 40×25 double-decker structure, brought an Eco Disco experience to two different festivals: Sueños, a Hispanic music festival in Chicago, and Bonnaroo, a multi-genre music festival in Tennessee. The activation featured Energy Floors as a central attraction, along with a bar, rooftop viewing deck, screenprinting station, and a vibrant hype crew to keep guests dancing and engaged. Attendees were delighted to receive a video of their Energy Floor experience via text or email, adding a digital memento to their festival memories.

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Dancing for a Greener Tomorrow: Corona & Energy Floors in Harmony

The incorporation of Energy Floors seamlessly aligned with Corona’s focus on sustainability and environmental consciousness. Sustainability is a core pillar of the Corona brand, with a primary focus on protecting beaches and removing 1 million pounds of plastic from their business and coastal areas by 2025. In line with this commitment, Corona saw an opportunity to showcase their own efforts in sustainability while supporting Energy Floors’ mission to raise awareness for sustainable energy. Choosing to integrate Energy Floors was a deliberate decision to engage 21+ consumers in a fun and music-focused manner at the event. The Energy Floors provided a perfect tool to promote sustainability during the activation. By demonstrating the concept of generating energy through dance, guests were actively involved in the brand’s mission to conserve energy and promote renewable sources.


The energy generated by guests on the dance floor was visualised through a Corona energy battery bar on the screen, reinforcing the brand’s dedication to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. The combination of Corona’s environmental goals and Energy Floors’ innovative approach created an electrifying experience that left a lasting impact on festival attendees, celebrating sustainability in an exciting and engaging way.

Engaging Attendees

The Energy Floors added excitement and engagement to the activation, keeping festival-goers dancing and entertained throughout their time at the Corona Discoteca. Positioned close to the main stage and music, the Energy Floors offered a fun and dynamic way to keep the energy flowing at the Eco Disco. The integration of a video photo moment with the Energy Floors provided guests with digital souvenirs to take home, evoking laughter as they revisited their dance moves and shared the memories with friends. The Corona Vibe Crew dance team played a central role in igniting the energy on the dance floor, leading electrifying performances and competitions that added to the overall festival experience.

Corona Kinetic Energy Floor


Coordinating the Energy Floor installation between Europe and the U.S. presented a significant logistical challenge. However, with meticulous planning, the team successfully acquired the energy tiles from San Francisco just in time for the events.

Environmental Impact and Energy Generation

The Energy Floors not only contributed to the festival’s vibrant atmosphere but also demonstrated a tangible environmental impact. The energy generated by the dance movements of the attendees was showcased on the screen, creating an interactive and engaging experience for the guests. Although the energy wasn’t used to power the video cameras capturing the moments, the initial activations served as a valuable test run for future energy harnessing endeavours.


The results from both festivals demonstrated the overwhelming success of the Energy Floor activation. At Sueños, 164 user videos (on average 3-4 guests / video) were captured, with an estimated 17.4K impressions from these videos. The on-site activation garnered over 4,000 impressions.

At Bonnaroo, 397 user videos (on average 3-4 guests / video) were captured, with an estimated 45.7K impressions from these videos. The on-site activation at Bonnaroo generated more than 23.2K impressions.

The Corona Discoteca with Energy Floors surpassed expectations, leaving a lasting impression on festival attendees while showcasing the brand’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.



If you want to see more events like this, check out this case study featuring Energy Floors at the KPN Festival for even more electrifying activations. Join the movement towards sustainability and make any festival better with us and be a part of advertising sustainability, one dance move at a time.

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