Qatar ExxonMobil Open

brand activation

Energy Battle​

Energy Floors provide a brand activation for the 2022 Qatar ExxonMobil Open.

In partnership the Qatar Tennis Federation and ExxonMobil Qatar, our Energy Floors have been used in the build-up to the tournament to promote sustainability.

The Request

ExxonMobil Qatar contacted us as they were looking for sustainable activities to create a buzz around the tennis championship. They wanted an activation that would promote the championship, and at the same time be interactive and educational.

The Solution

Across the city of Doha, new tournament pavilions provide an opportunity for the public to participate in recreational and educational activities, raising awareness about environmental issues. Our Human-Powered Photo Booth Experience features as part of the activities.

Visitors can dance,  jump and hop on the kinetic floor tiles to generate renewable energy. The energy ‘activates’ a camera to capture your human-powered selfie.

Karim El Alami, Director of the Qatar ExxonMobil Open, said: “Qatar has long been a major supporter of sustainability efforts in the region, and we are proud to present sustainability activities that will help us organize the Qatar ExxonMobil Open as an environmentally friendly tournament. With the launch of today’s activities in Doha Festival City, we have taken the first step in making the upcoming Qatar ExxonMobil Open a more sustainable tournament.” #Play2022

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Read the full list of activities here (in Arabic).

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