Playground of primary school De Kaap in Amsterdam gets The Gamer

July 19, 2021

The Gamer offers a unique combination of moving learning and green energy.

In the search for new possibilities for safe, challenging and interactive, game-based learning resources, IKC De Kaap in Amsterdam came into contact with Energy Floors, a small scale-up based in Rotterdam that offers smart solutions for education, smart cities and entertainment. Their product, The Gamer, is a solar-powered interactive floor installation designed specifically for primary school playgrounds.

IKC De Kaap in Amsterdam East offers childcare and primary education for children aged 0-13. They pride themselves on offering a green and sustainable schoolyard, where children can discover their talents in a safe, challenging and game-based learning environment. There is now – the first in the city of Amsterdam! – an added interactive Gamer.

Active Learning

Active learning, also called ‘playing-based learning’, has great benefits for the development of the children; especially in primary schools. Play has been proven to grow motor and social skills, motivate children to learn more, boost confidence and activate ‘muscle memory’ (just to name a few benefits). But thanks to the long-term corona crisis, being physically busy during classes has completely disappeared.


Online teaching simply does not lend itself to integrating play and exercise. Playful learning has fallen victim to online teaching and has almost completely disappeared.

With the growing evidence and high success rates for gamification, funding has become available for such efforts. For example, the Dutch government has introduced the National Education Program, which provides funding to all primary schools across the Netherlands to make up for lost time during the coronavirus pandemic. One of the criteria is to offer play-based learning, which allows schools to invest in products such as The Gamer.

More information about the funds and The Gamer packages we offer can be found here. Contact us at if you have any questions.


The kids are the winners!

The purchase of The Gamer is complementary for both parties. The Kaap director, Rob van Beek said: “IKC De Kaap believes in learning through play and inquiry”. Roeland de Bruijn, Sales Manager Education at Energy Floors told us: “The first school in Amsterdam, that is nice as a Rotterdam company, but the most important thing is of course that our mission to bring children into contact with sustainable energy in a positive way one step further!” The ultimate winners are the children who learn through play and who exercise a lot.

The Gamer, interactive and playful learning

The Gamer is an interactive solar powered floor installation designed specifically for primary school playgrounds. The floor is programmed with up to 10 educational games aimed at strengthening mobility and cognitive skills. Kids can practice math, memory trainer, coordination and teamwork. Energy Floors believes in activating children, being outside and having fun while learning. Their mission is to promote sustainability in a fun and interactive way.

More than 45 schools across the Netherlands have already installed The Gamer, as well as 2 schools in Malta and 2 in Germany. De Kaap will be the first in the capital and pioneer the importance of active learning in education.


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