Creative trade show ideas for sustainable business activations

October 11, 2021

Creative trade show ideas for sustainable business activations


A trade show is an excellent way to showcase your business or product to fellow experts in your industry. The aim is not always sales oriented but often an opportunity to network, raise awareness, form partnerships and build relationships.


With hundreds of businesses and even more visitors, trade exhibitions can also entail a lot of the competition from competitors exhibiting similar products. It can be difficult to mark your territory as a key player in the field. Purchasing a larger space is one solution to grab people’s attention, but businesses and hosts can start to think outside of the booth (pun intended). This is where Energy Floors can offer ideas.


We specialise in brand and event activations with our kinetic energy floor. And we help marketers and agencies target consumers in engaging ways, including at business fairs. We provide interactivity, visualisation and customisation through our sustainable energy floor. A notable example is our most recent activation for the Swiss wealth management company, Vontobel.


Across 3 days in September 2021, Vontobel, rented our Sustainable Dance Floor for the Il Salone del Risparmio, the largest event for investment management professionals in Italy. The trade show was held at the Mico Milano Congressi (Milan Convention Centre), the largest of its kind in Europe.


The floor activation worked so that any time an attendee approached or walked past the Vontobel stand, energy was generated by their footsteps. This energy contributed to offset Vontobel’s CO2 footprint. What this means is that the human-powered energy reduced, or equated to the amount of carbon that was required to build and run the stand.


The data from the floor was then displayed on a screen, informing visitors of the energy production e.g. number of joules or watts, alongside other scientific facts. The screen also presented the company’s financial products and was supported by a modern sleek design.


What this tells us is that thinking outside the ‘booth’ with the Sustainable Dance Floor brings creativity and innovation to a fair. Energy captured from the footfall of visitors raises awareness about the global energy transition and the possibilities of human-powered energy. This is a great way to stand-out from the crowd and make an impact at your next event. In addition, the activation solidified Vontobel as a company aligned to the green agenda.


Looking to make a sustainable impact in your industry? Do you have an upcoming event where you want to stand out?

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