The Container Club: A Sustainable Event Solution

March 23, 2023

The Container Club is an innovative and sustainable event solution that is developed by Energy Floors and perfect for campaigns and tours. This off-grid club is built in a 20ft refurbished shipping container that features a DJ booth, light and sound, and is powered by 5 solar panels on the roof and 24 Sustainable Dance Floor tiles inside the container. The unique club offers visitors a very special and visible energy experience: all it needs to operate is dancing people (and some sunshine).

The Container Club at the Future Flux Festival

The Container Club was showcased in full effect in July 2019 during the Future Flux festival in the Rotterdam Harbour. This sustainable event solution was an instant hit with party-goers who were thrilled to dance the night away while also contributing to the production of clean energy. The club is solely powered by solar panels and energy-generating dance floor tiles, making it an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective solution for events.

Standard Set Up

The standard setup of the Container Club includes 5 solar panels on the roof, 24 Sustainable Dance Floor tiles, a 20ft shipping container, an Energy Floors Meter, a Photo frame on screen DSLR Canon Camera, and 50 Headsets with 4 music channels. The combination of these features makes the Container Club an all-in-one solution for sustainable events.

Off-Grid Energy Dance Cube

The Container Club is a completely off-grid energy dance cube that is powered by 5 solar panels on the roof and 24 energy-generating dance floor tiles inside (Sustainable Dance Floor). The energy generated is collected in 2 Hybrid Home accu packs placed centrally in the cube and used to power lights, sound, and DJ booth. Only low-power equipment is used inside the cube, making it an energy-efficient solution for events.


Container Club Energy Floors inside

The Container Club can be easily customized to fit into your campaign or tour by customizing the look of the container inside and out. The unique and customizable design of the club makes it a perfect solution for brand activations and marketing campaigns.

Container Club in Germany for Government Campaign

The Container Club was chosen by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) to be a part of their information campaign ‘Deutschland macht’s effizient’ in 2017. The campaign aimed to raise awareness on energy efficiency among consumer groups. The mobile club was powered by solar and kinetic energy and was a perfect fit for the campaign’s sustainability objectives.


Largest German Information Campaign

The information campaign ‘Deutschland macht’s effizient’ is one of the largest German information campaigns in years. It aims to significantly increase energy efficiency, which is a requirement for the success of the politically-decided ‘Energiewende.’ The goal is to consume as little energy as possible and cover the remaining demand with renewable energy.

sustainable events Energy Floors

Campaign on the Road

From May 16th until the end of September, the campaign was on the road, stopping in several major German cities. The German public was invited to dance inside the Container Club, offering them a unique energy efficiency experience. It showed them how energy can be produced and used efficiently.


In conclusion, the Container Club is a unique and sustainable event solution that offers a one-of-a-kind energy efficiency experience for visitors. Powered solely by solar and kinetic energy, this mobile club can be customized to fit any campaign or tour. From its appearance at the Future Flux Festival in Rotterdam to its use in the German government information campaign, the Container Club has shown its versatility and effectiveness in promoting energy efficiency. So whether you’re looking to host a green event or raise awareness about renewable energy, the Container Club is a perfect choice that will leave a lasting impact on your audience.

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