CBS De Flambouw, Nigtevecht

CBS De Flambouw, Nigtevecht - Energy Floors

CBS De Flambouw, Nigtevecht CBS De Flambouw is a primary school that focuses on the kids talents and developing their 21st century skills. That’s why they use mobile devices and iPads in the classroom, teach English from the first grade, and have a special program for science and technology. In this light the choice for …

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CBS de Kinderkring, Woubrugge

CBS de Kinderkring, Woubrugge​

CBS de Kinderkring, Woubrugge ‘CBS De Kinderkring’ in Woubrugge wants kids to be aware of all the possibilities the future holds for them. And the energy transition is one of the most important topics today says Marianne Hebbink, Headmaster of de Kinderkring. That’s why she decided to team up with the local municipality to get …

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