Energy Floor :

A Sustainable Solution for Climate Change

Serious Request Energy Floor
3FM Serious Request
Photographer: Ben Houdijk
At the end of 2021, the national Dutch fundraising event, Serious Request, enlisted Energy Floors to help combat climate change with our Sustainable Dance Floor!


The DJs at 3FM’s Serious Request were locked inside a glass house with rising temperatures. Their goal was to raise awareness and fundraise for WWF in the Amazonian Rainforest. In order to deliver the message, they sought an interactive activation that would involve the general public, spread the message about the climate and at the same time have fun!


We built our Sustainable Dance Floors inside 5 mini glass houses for visitors to enjoy whilst listening to the radio show. As more visitors danced, the more energy was generated. This energy was then used to ‘activate’ the thermostat in the glass house where the DJs were locked inside! More dancing equaled more energy which in turn equaled a more manageable climate. In short, the activation requested that we take action against global warming to help save the rainforests. LED lights in the energy floors alternated from red to blue to illustrate the change in temperature. And a live dashboard with the amount of watts generated was also displayed 24/7 online. For more information on the activation, read our blog: Energy Floors has a Serious Request!
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