NS x Energy Floors:

A Partnership for Sustainable Mobility





Nederlandse Spoorwegen
To raise awareness for their sustainable commitment, NS installed our energy floors on a number of Dutch railway stations.
Energy Floors NS Sloterdijk


In 2018 all NS trains needed to run on renewable energy, enabling passengers to be truly green as they travel. To activate the campaign around this sustainable commitment, NS asked Energy Floors to install kinetic energy floors in 3 railway stations: Schiedam Centrum, Amsterdam Sloterdijk and Rotterdam Centraal.

NS Energy Floors GVB

Project Description

Goal of the campaign was to involve travelers in an energy experience. We developed an installation with brand activation agency Kumpany. The installation consisted of 32 energy floor tiles, a large LED screen playing an NS animation, 2 energy meters showing the amount of generated joules and 2 mobile phone chargers. By walking on the energy floor, travelers generated power to charge info screens, create light effects around the floor and charge mobile phones.

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