Glasgow Science Center

Energy Exhibition


Interactive energy exhibit


The interactive energy exhibit for Glasgow Science Centre consists of 8 energy dance floor tiles in a specially designed cube with lights, touchscreen, camera and a mirror ball. Through the touchscreen visitors choose which game they want to play on the dance floor: Charge Your Selfie, an Energy Battle or the Power Boost Arcade Game.


The games


Charge Your Selfie is an innovative photo application: visitors need to dance or jump to generate the necessary energy to activate the camera and take a photo. The Energy Battle is an energetic game in which 2 teams compete and try to generate as much energy as possible in a certain amount of time. The Power Boost Arcade Game is our version of ‘Flappy Bird’.


Perfect fit


Graham Rose, Creative Director at Glasgow Science Centre, was determined to get an energy dance floor into the museum.  “Interactivity is at the heart of everything we do at Glasgow Science Centre so Energy Floors is a perfect fit within our Powering the Future exhibition. The dance floor will give visitors of all ages a fun and engaging experience.”

For Glasgow Science Centre’s exhibition ‘Powering The Future’ we helped develop an interactive energy exhibit involving our energy dance floor.

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