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The ALDA project marked the official launch of T-Mobile’s transformation into ODIDO, a monumental event kept under wraps until its grand reveal. With secrecy as the key, Energy Floors played a crucial role in adding an electrifying touch to the celebration, providing a dance floor without any visible branding. The objective was to engage users in a unique dance experience, aiming to reach 100% battery charge multiple times during the event.

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Branding Approach

In a departure from conventional branding strategies, Energy Floors embraced a low-key approach, aligning with the secrecy and uniqueness of the ODIDO launch. The absence of visible branding on the product or digital artwork of the energy dashboard added an element of mystery and surprise to the event.

Strategic Partnership

Energy Floors’ selection for this project hinted at a shared ethos between ALDA and Energy Floors. Both of the brands garnered recognition through high-profile collaborations, the synergy was evident. The collaboration underscored the brand’s status as a trusted and sought-after partner for innovative and impactful event activations.

Event Highlights and Challenges

Despite the absence of overt sustainability messaging, the Energy Floors activation successfully contributed to the overall excitement of the ODIDO launch. The dance floor garnered attention and participation, creating memorable moments for attendees. While the secrecy surrounding the event added an element of challenge, the manual control of special effects ensured a seamless and interactive experience.


The success of the ALDA project and ODIDO’s official launch highlights the power of innovative event activations. If you’re planning your next big event and want to create a memorable experience that goes beyond traditional branding, Energy Floors is here to help. Our team specializes in crafting engaging and adaptable solutions tailored to the unique requirements of your event.

Energy Floors - Odido lauchparty

Ready to elevate your event experience? Contact us today to discuss how Energy Floors can turn your vision into a reality. Let’s create an unforgettable and electrifying experience together!

Crowd gathering around the sustainable kinetic energy floor

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