Creating awareness about renewable energy

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Let the public be part of your sustainable mission. Activate your public


Let the youth be part of your sustainable mission. Activate the youth


Let pedestrians take steps towards your sustainable mission. Activate the public

Creating awareness
about renewable energy

We design and build floors that generate energy, are smart, interactive and make sustainability visible. So, everyone who steps on them realizes that they can really make an impact. We believe that all technology is available to create a sustainable world. We just need to realize this and embrace these technologies into our everyday lives.

Our Cases

Energy floors nightclub

Dance and generate energy

Explore ideas that engage your dancing audience in the global energy transition.

spelend leren

Playful awareness about energy

Using gamification, teach young people about the importance of renewable energy. 

Smart Building AFAS in The Netherlands

Stepping into a smarter city

Harness each step from your citizens to generate energy for a smarter building, or a smarter city.


Meet Energy

Our story starts in 2008 when we opened world’s first Sustainable Dance Club in our hometown of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. It was a unique concept that allowed party goers to generate energy while dancing on our kinetic floor.

Since then, we’ve continued developing our Energy Floors to inspire, involve and educate everyone about the energy transition.

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