4 brand activations at summer festivals

Updated December 29th, 2022

Thousands of visitors flock to festivals every year, making them an ideal ground for brand activations and experiential marketing events.

Brands that attend festivals are granted the opportunity to meet and attract new customers or raise awareness about a new or existing product. It also works for brands wanting to boost their social image to the masses, or enter the consciousness of a new target audience.


Experiential marketing ideas: dancing!

Brand x festival partnerships usually take the form of sponsorship deals, typically through food, beverage or merchandise. But brand events can also be through activations or experiential marketing activities. For example, pop-up stalls, games, photo opportunities, giveaways or any sort of unique experience. Festivalgoers are already in high spirits, enthusiastic and wanting to be surprised. People attend to have a good time; to dance, eat, drink and sing.

We wrote about the advantages of dancing, particularly for experiential marketing experiences in our blog, Transmitting your brand message through happy hormones. Dancing is the baseline on which festivals are built. Companies and brands can therefore navigate this with activities centered on or around dancing to enhance the visitor experience. This is where our Energy Floors slide in.


The Sustainable Kinetic Dancefloor

Energy Floors have a lot of experience on the festival stage. We’ve installed dancefloors for festivalgoers at Coachella, Rock in Rio, Paradise City and Balaton Sound to name a few. These installations were supported by international brands such as Heineken, Audi and Nokia, to name a few.

Our expertise lies in helping brands like these promote their sustainability messages through our interactive energy-generating floors. Our floors are an experience that engages your audience in the energy transition.

It offers brands an opportunity to showcase their sustainable efforts and involve the public in the process. It also offers a fun alternative to the standard festival terrain.

No festival is too big, and in fact the bigger the better! Every step, jump or dance on the floor generates up to 35wp of energy which can be stored and repurposed for other means.


4 brand activations at festivals to elevate the dance experience

Audi E-tron wooden

1. Audi x Paradise City Festival

Paradise City is a green festival implementing green initiatives to support sustainability and climate change. Audi are also implementing manufacturing changes in the form of recycled parts and e-cars. The partnership was very fitting and came together in the form of the Audi E-tron Stage.

Coachella Festival, USA

2. Heineken x Coachella

Heineken House brought the Old School into the New School with an ‘ultimate house party’. Our Sustainable Kinetic Dancefloor converted the energy of festival-goers into electrical beams lighting up the party.


3. V-Energy x Summadayze

The energy drink company built a giant model of their beverage and installed our Sustainable Kinetic Dancefloor for visitors to engage in an Energy Battle. Who’s moves generated most energy in 5 minutes?

Dance and Charge booth by Nokia at Sonar Festival

4. Nokia x Sónar Barcelona

We created a Dance ‘n’ Charge booth for Nokia. Visitors plugged their phones into our system, danced for a while, and left the booth with a charged phone.


Understanding our happy hormones can help you create better experiences that promote your brand message.

Psychology influences marketing initiatives. This is not new and there are hundreds, if not thousands of blogs written on the subject. Marketers, advertisers and all salespeople will use some sort of psychological tool to persuade us to act according to their targets. Their actions are grounded in scientific research. There are many proven concepts about how the human brain will react to certain words, phrases, images or prices. An interesting element of psychology – and the focus of this blog – is how the human body produces ‘happy hormones’, and how you can link these to create positive experiences of your brand or brand message.

If you work for a brand or an agency, and you are looking for innovative ways to boost your sustainability messages, explore the festival line-ups this summer and add yourself as a headliner!

Get to know more about the sustainable kinetic dancefloor.

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